Team Secret on the Lower Bracket

Nobody expected Team Secret going to the Lower Bracket.

By Nicole Matias

On the upper bracket, Secret’s match with Vici Gaming has been very interesting. Secret is supposed to be stronger than any teams but today, it wasn’t in favor of Team Secret. A close game is witnessed during the first match. Team Secret made a big lead but it did not stop VG to dominate the opponent at the mid game. Unfortunately, a clash that swab VG off the game was Yapzor’s Blackhole and for that, this game is definitely for Team Secret.

While everybody has foresee Secret’s victory during the first game, VG did not break off. In the second game, it became a more striking match. Both teams fought religiously the entire game until it was in late game. High ground pushes and defenses has been witnessed. Secret’s carry Nisha dies twice which led Vici Gaming from winning the match.

The final match went in favor of Vici Gaming. Secret was unable to control the game anymore. However, they are being dominated by their opponent, VG. Secret was unable to make it in the final game. VG swept off Secret surprisingly.

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