Ana finally comes back to OG

By Nicole C. Matias
Image Source: The International

Nobody expected this but OG has finally revealed Ana’s comeback to competitive play with the team.

The official release of Russian player Igor “ILTW” Filatov brought a lot of confusion and rumor to the fans. A day after its release, OG has finally announced Anatham “Ana” Pham’s return. Without a doubt, the TI8 championship lineup is back.

Ana surprised the Dota 2 community after he decided to take a break from the active roster of OG for this season, leaving the hearts of the fans in anguish.

The Dota 2 community acknowledged Ana as one of the strongest player on the team during their race at TI8 and fans were concerned about the team’s performance this upcoming season as he leaves. Ana’s absence was obviously sense by the fans. Even so, OG continued its journey and struggled to find their phase during the first set of DPC events.

At present, OG takes the 27th place of the DPC rankings with only 48 points. OG needs to be on the top 12 in order to get a direct invite to TI9. The team can still gather enough points by taking top ranks at one or both of the two remaining Majors to receive a direct invitation to defend their title.

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