By Nicole Matias
Image from TNC Predator

TNC Predator wins the title as they win over Keen Gaming with 2:0, at WESG 2018.

The Philippine Team, TNC Predator slammed their enemies from the beginning until the end. They have won every series that led them to the top having 11 points and lose only two games.

They remain undefeated through the playoffs. After beating Team Canahinro from Brazil, they then won over the Russian team, White-Off, the tournament’s favored team. They then overpowered Keen Gaming in a two 30 minute games.

The TNC Predator have won the title before, at WESG 2016. They have overpowered the Danish team, Cloud 9 in the Grand Finals. After being gone, at WESG 2017, they returned with wrath and reclaimed their title as winners of WESG.

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