China top accused by TNC of owing prize earnings

TNC Predator has come out about china owing them a large amount of prize pool money. Since November of 2017.

Last November of 2017, we were invited to play in China TOP 2017. We are thankful to the organizers for giving us the opportunity to compete in their tournament.
Since then, after being the champion in the said tournament, we could hardly hear from them with regard to our won prize. As for our end, we did and furnished them all the necessary details and documents needed to eased the settlement, and yet, our claims remain unsettled.
We are appealing to the organizer to settle our claim and we are also asking for understanding in using the social media to address the issue, but there is no longer person, directly in charge to reach out to.

-TNC Management

In the professional scene. Teams are always battling at a high-level competition especially when it come to LAN events.

Unfortunately, things doesn’t always go well especially when it comes to payments.

Several teams have experienced payment delays from many events like GESC and WCA.

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