NiP and Team Secret Advances to the Major

Image courtesy of The International
By Nicole Matias

Two teams have finally secured their spot to the main event from Europe. Only one more team to go to complete the final lineup.

The European region is lucky to have three allotted spots for the main event. Moreover, these two teams were the first one to claim victory– Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Secret.

These teams were both in the upper brackets during the playoffs from Group A. However, they were pair off against Team Liquid and OG later on.

OG and NiP went through a tough game during their match up.  The matches were thrilling that lasted almost an hour before NiP achieved their glory. The second match went favorably to NiP as they won over the TI8 champion that led OG in the lower brackets.

The crowd were not surprised as Team Secret won over Team Liquid. It was a clean sweep of 2:0. However, it was unanticipated that they were able to defeat the TI7 champions in a short duration of time. However, Team Liquid will continue to play in the lower bracket.

The lower brackets continues and end today. One spot is still open for Team Liquid and OG to qualify for the main event.

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